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Becky, 50
Ridgefield, WA

Dressage, Endurance
Years Saved: 31 years


"Became a Christian while in nursing school."



Carrie, 27
Catlett, VA

Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Eventing, Therapuetic Riding, trail riding

Years Saved: 27 years


"I was blessed to be born to a strong Christian family with a mom and dad who continually encourage me to strive to be like Christ.  I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 4, while driving with my mom on the way to pre-school.  There have been multiple bumps along the road but the Lord has proven again and again what is said in Jeremiah 29:11.  I'm blessed to have an amazing husband and 3 wonderful horses in northern VA.  We just moved to VA from spending several years working in Juneau, AK.  We both grew up on the East coast in NC so are thrilled to be back closer to home.  So happy to have stumbled across this site and hope it leads to meeting some fellow Christian equestrians!"



Hodgdon, Maine

Western, Breeding Arabians

Years Saved: "Since I was a child"


"Was introduced to God by my parents, I accepted Jesus Christ as a youth watching Billy Graham. My Faith grew as I grew but I wavered from the Lord as a teenager. Returned to the Lord's will for my life as a wife and young mother in the 70's. Started seriously attending church and growing in the Lord. I recommitted my life and was baptized. I guess you could say I have been growing in my faith all my life but seriously the last 40 years. I have matured as a Christian and am seeking a way to serve the lord with my horses. God Bless. "


Maiden, NC


Years Saved: "50 yrs"

Lauren, 19
Santa Clarita, CA

Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Dressage, Western, Natural Horsemanship

Years Saved: "all my life"

Leslie, 53
Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA

Hunters, Jumpers, equitation, Dressage
Years Saved: since 14 years old


First understood the complete Gospel as it pertains to a personal relationship with Christ as a young teen. In college, participated in youth ministries (Crusade, Navigators, local church), then later attended Dallas Theological Seminary, Western Seminary in Portland and George Fox University.  Dressage rider but virtually no Christian fellowship in this area of ministry. Most local evangelical churches in NW do not typically recognize women athletes and especially, those in equestrian sports, as a viable ministry due to lack of understanding and exposure. It needs to change. There are a lot of hungry spiritually seeking horse folk without God and we need to join together as equestrian athletes to support one another in our respective circles."

Michelle, 37
Longmont, CO

Hunters, Jumpers, equitation, Dressage
Years Saved: 30 years


I grew up in a Baptist church. My father was on the deacon board and did other things for the church.  I was 7 when I felt that there was something missing and I accepted Christ.  I finally rededicated my life to Him at 16 and with all that went on, God became my little genie.  Ask for anything and He will give it to you.  It wasn't until my failed marriage, that I'm finally relying on God and He is the most important thing in my life.  God has given me the talent to ride as well as work with animals and I want to use them for His Glory."

, 36
 Medina, OH

Western, Endurance & Mounted Police
Years Saved: 10 years


"I hit rock bottom emotionally and found the Lord was the only one capable of picking me up. Since then He has lead me to the love of my life, gave me children which I was told I couldn't have, saved my husbands life from cancer, blessed us with a 2nd child we were told was not possible, etc. The miracles and love just keep on coming. I want my chance to give back."


Michael, 46
Cohasset, MA

When Saved: 2004


Through His grace alone I became a believer."   

Susan, 46
Greensboro, NC

Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation, Dressage
When Saved: "since childhood"


"I publicly confessed my faith when I was 12, but believe I have been a believer as far back as memory permits.  I have been riding only 2 years but am grateful for the experience so much.  It is the one discipline whereby I can sense God's presence, guidance, teaching, correction, reproof and ultimately love throughout in such a tangible way.  I am happy to have found this site and hope that through it I may connect with other Christian riders in my area so we may enjoy the fellowship." 

Mycha, 20
Cedar Creek, TX

Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation, Dressage, Eventing
When Saved: "I was baptized 10/22/00"


"My goal in life is to do the will of my God.  Whatever that may be.  I think God gave me a talent for training horses and giving lessons for a reason.
I should use these gifts to glorify Him and only Him.  He has given us these amazing animals that have amazing healing powers.  Once a good man said, 'There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.' - Sir William Churchill"


Melody, 57
Kingsburg, CA

Discipline: Drill / Ministry team
Years Saved: 40 years


"I was a semi-wild child. I had lost my faith in church and men through one 'bad' priest. 
I had a 'hole' in my heart/soul that I tried to fill through all the wrong ways available to a 17 year old in the 60's.
I had moved into a huge 90 year old farmhouse that turned out to be haunted. (beware cheep rent) The night a clergy man cleansed the house I saw and heard and smelled things that were not of this world that I pray that no one reading this will ever experience.  After it was all over, I had to seriously reconsider what had just happened to my secure ideas of how the universe operated. 
I came to the conclusion that for that much evil to exist there had to be a force of over winning good that is real  and that is what or who I wanted to follow.   I chose GOD that night and will always chose HIM. As the Glory Riders of California go out to perform I am so honored that I have been allowed to be a part of this work on horseback for GOD."


Marcia, 45
Cleveland, OH

Years Saved:  Since age 9
Discipline: Dressage, Sportorse Breeder, Barn Owner


"I have always been in church, and accepted Christ at age 9. 
Was a musician most of my life, but always into horses & dressage. 
God has blessed me with the most wonderful Stallion ever, 
and I am also a barn owner.  I found this site searching for some other 
Christian equestrians, because I realize I can't run my barn 
w/o prayer support- there is a lot of evil in this industry, unfortunately, 
and I am convinced that worship & prayer is the only way to get through it."


Angelica, 28
Geneva, FL

Years Saved:  20 years
Discipline: Dressage, Eventing, Trail


"I gave my life to the Lord when I was 8 years old.
This Christian journey has been just like riding. 
There are falls, and spills, but those are always
trumped by that perfect rocking canter, or loving nicker...and 
knowing that we're never alone, because Jesus is always with us."


Aubry, 16
Somerville, AL

Years Saved:  "Since I was 5"
Discipline: Eventing


"I am an eventer and have a 16h QH. 
I go to an independent Baptist church,  saved when I was 5. 
I believe one way to heaven, Jesus died on  the cross, paid for our sins.
We admit we are a sinner and believe He died on the cross and as Him to save us."


Waterville, OH

Years Saved: "Since Aug 1, 1985"
Discipline: Equitation, Western, Gaited


"I accepted Christ the day after I turned 15 years old.  
I've followed him ever since. I have a desire to 
reach other equestrians - to tell them there is hope, joy, love, 
security, and a real relationship in Jesus Christ.  
I pray that I live each day in a way that I can show Christ living in me to 
others and make them wonder what is different about me.  
I share in their love of horses (always have and always will), 
but I want to share my love of Jesus with them too.  
I'm so happy to have found this website!  God bless you all!!!  
Any ideas on how to begin a Bible study would be welcomed!"


Lexington, Kentucky
Years Saved: "All my life"
Discipline: Dressage


"I was raised a Baptist however in my early twenties was searching and
 converted to Catholic.  However religion isn't that important as is
 faith and growing in Christ."


Melody, 56 y.o.
Kingsburg, California
Years Saved: 36 years


"I became a Christian approx 36 years ago but became "serious about God"
 10 years ago.  I met my friend who is the leader of 'The Glory Riders of California'
 before it was begun and have had the honor of serving the Lord thru it
 since it's beginning in 2000.  We just came back from a week's performing at the
 California State Rodeo, in Salinas, CA where we performed 7 times a day +
 4 parades (2 of them were 5 miles @ on Sat and Sunday).
My BS Cremello paint mare just gave birth to a beautiful Reining bread
 colt that is "sky-eyed" like his mama.
God Bless all who come to this site. It's a wonderful idea."


Kelly, 36 y.o.
Oceanside, California

"I can't remember a time when I didn't know Jesus...having faith and belief was never an issue, but strayed away in my teens and twenties to party and find out what else was out there. After seeing "Passion of the Christ" I was again renewed as a Christian and God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I have a beautiful family that includes my husband, a little boy and a little girl (who I am raising to know Jesus), two dogs and a gorgeous Friesian mare who came in our lives a few months ago. After seeing The Passion, I knew I needed to find a way to share God's glory in my own personal way, so I created, a Christian based website offering English and Western tack. Jesus has blessed my business and I ask for His guidance (in business AND in life)
every day in my prayers.

Thanks for creating this Christian/Equestrian site!
We need it in our world today to bring Christian riders together. 
God Bless, Kelly

Tiffany, 28 y.o.
Temple, Georgia


" testimony??  Not enough space here...I will make it short and sweet (if I can).  November of 1999, my life had fallen apart...I had totaled my car, I lost my place to live, lost my horses and had a miscarriage all within a couple months...I gave my life to Christ and was restored within months. Later that year I was equestrian program director for a Christian camp for girls where I lived all Summer.  2 years later I was in school, riding very competitively and ready to branch out on the international level.. but something was missing.  I prayed to God asking him to put me in his will no matter what he had to do to me.  Later that month my horse was killed in a tragic trailer accident ending my competitive year and crushing me emotionally.  I left my fiance', quit my job and moved to Douglasville to be with Family. It was there that I found a wonderful church family that began to grow me up, I got another wonderful horse, got started in my career, bought my first house and began teaching and training again on the side.  God is good.  My struggle is to not make the horses and the riding an idol - something that I imagine a lot of us that love these animals can struggle with.  I am learning not to put the gift before the giver still!"


Kari, 17 y.o.
Mobile, AL


"I am so very excited to come across your website! It would be wonderful to have an outlet and home base in sharing the word of God to Equestrians. Every day I ask "Lord, please use the fact that I'm a horse person for your glory." I am an avid eventer who loves Jesus more than anything else! I accepted Christ at the age of 5 yrs. old and he has been my "Master Trainer" ever sense. My love for Horses is a God given passion which he uses to teach me of his own character and Grace. I have been  blessed to lead several small groups at church & absolutely loved it! I just kept thinking we need an avenue to do this with horse people. I would love to help in any way possible."

Alyssa, 20 y.o.
Grantsburg, WI


"All my life, I have attended Sunday School or Church, in the beginning
because my family did. Then through Confirmation, a spark of interest
in ministry started to burn. Yet, I kept following my own plans. My
freshman year of college, I realized I could no longer run from a call to
ministry. So, here I am, transferring to Wartburg College as a
Pre-seminary student. It's difficult to hand over my dreams of eventing at the
upper levels after coming this far with my riding, but I can still ride
and compete at the lower levels while using the gifts God has given me.
I pray that God will allow Christ's light to shine through me wherever
I am, whether on a horse or visiting a nursing home."

Linda, 47 y.o.
Chatsworth, CA


"I am a single professional woman, and I have two TBs, a gelding and a
mare.  I was raised by Christian grandparents, and I can't remember a time
when I didn't love Jesus, but I made my public commitment to Christ at a
Billy Graham Crusade in Anaheim, CA, when I was 10 years old.  I don't
have a testimony of having been pulled out of the dregs of life, but I
do have a testimony of His faithfulness and protection and keeping

Geraldine, 56
Edgewater, FL


"Through the testimony of a friend at work. I had joined the Bahais but and was looking for the truth.  He invited me to his church and through the teaching I found the truth of God's word and love the Lord more everyday.  I go to a PCA church. I read lots of Christian books and love books about missionaries."

Jennifer, 55, 
Imperial, CA
Discipline: Dressage


"I was 16 years old at a Youth for Christ meeting in La Mesa, CA.  The
 Lord has blessed my life in spite of my wandering away for 25 years.  I
 always knew HE was protecting me but I wanted to do LIFE my way.  Now I
 know that doesn't work!  I love the Lord and pray that other riders can
 see Christ in me."  

Carleton Place (Ottawa), Ontario


"Been riding for over 35 years.  I filled all my time with horses but
 struggled with what was missing in my life.  In 1993 I gave my life to
 the Lord.   All through my Christian walk I have struggled with one thing, going to
 church with others like me.  Being a single person dedicated to our
 equine friends I find I don't have a lot in common with others at church.
  Don't get me wrong, I have many wonderful loving friends from Church.
  But something is missing for me.  I worship God every time I ride or spend time with my horse.  God granted me a beautiful gift in horses.  But I want to share this love of God and horses with others who understand and find ways to reach out to
 other equestrians and see them accept Jesus in their lives.
I hope there others in my area that I can connect with."

Heather, 24,
Conroe, Texas
Discipline: Barrel Racing & Trail Riding


"I was blessed to be born in a Christian home so I was raised on the
 truths of God's word.  I've been through my ups and downs of life and I have gone through
 periods in my life where I wasn't living for God. Through everything God
 has always been there, even when I didn't acknowledge Him. I got married
 at 16 had my first child at 19, my second at 21 and almost got divorced
 at 23... there is a lot of testimony between those lines! The bottom
 line is God is Awesome!!"

Jerica, 14,
Fillmore, CA
Discipline: Eventing
Years Saved: 8 years
Shows Attending:  USEA shows in

Veronica (Roni) Griffith, 44,
Atchison, KS
Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation
Years Saved:  26 yrs
Shows Attending: Saddle &Sirloin, American Royal.


"I came to know the Lord 1/10/1982 after growing up Catholic and
 attending Catholic school.  When I was 18 someone showed what the bible had to
 say about my relationship to God and I knew I was a sinner. I am
 married to a pastor (21 yrs) and have 4 sons serving the Lord.  I have been
 blessed in recent years to have hunter and sport horses and would very
 much like to see some ministry to the 'hunter" people but don't know
 where to start. WE are doing some outreaches with our church, of course and
 have a couple that is involved in the CMA(Chr. motorcycle assoc) They
 have great outreach ideas that could very well work in the horseshow
 world. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions."


Karissa, 18,
Tucson, AZ
Years Saved: 10 yrs


"I grew up in a Christian home with my mother as a wonderful example of
 Christ's love and compassion towards others and motivation in life, even
 when it isn't easy.  I accepted Christ when I was 8 and fully understood the concept of inviting Christ into my life and living for his glory. He has blessed me and my family
in so many ways since then, through my mother's divorce and getting married to my step-dad, to pulling through my three heart surgeries with flying colors and incredible faith.
God's love and goals for my life are so much bigger than I can even imagine
 and I enjoy spending everyday learning more and more about Him and
 reaching out to others. Christ is truly amazing and he will and does change your life!"

Christine, 25,
Napa, CA
Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation, Western, Reining,
Barrel Racing
Years Saved: 2 years

Michele, 40,
, Michigan
Discipline: Trail Riding
Years Saved: 23 years


"Jesus saved me on my way back from the high school prom in 1984.  He opened my eyes to see that He loved me and had a plan for my life.  Since then I have had a wonderful, adventurous walk with the Lord.  I attended a bible college and was involved in teaching, church planting, missions and worship ministry for years.  Now I am home schooling two young equestrians (ages 10 and 8).  We love the Lord and love to ride!  I would enjoy meeting other Christians in our area and would be willing to
 host a study.  We board our horse in Milford, Michigan.  Blessings! Michele"

Jennavie, 34,
Waterford, Michigan
Discipline: Dressage
Years Saved:  Since I was 12


"I grew up in a Christian family but I didn't personally accept Jesus as
 my Lord and Savior until I was 12 while attending a Baptist camp.  I
 love horses and horse lovers and believe God has created me to love
 these animals and their owners and to be a witness to my non-Christian
 dressage friends."

Debra, 51,
Valparaiso, IN
Discipline: Gaited Breeds, Trail Riding and Camping
Years Saved: 35 years


"As a young child I went forward and joined the church and was baptized,
 but as a teen I asked God to forgive me of my sins and become my Lord
 and Savior.  He did and I followed Him in believers baptism and joined
 the church.  I have been serving Him ever since."

Kristen, 18, 
Elburn, IL               
Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation           
Years Saved: 12yrs

"EFC sounds fantastic!  You have started some very great stuff, Chris!
The Good Lord has allowed me to hang onto my dream of riding following
 a near death accident in '04 when a young horse reared and fell back
 over on me, crushing my pelvis and lower back -- as they loaded me into
 the helicopter I prayed with everyone in ear-shot distance....."Lord,
 save my life and I will do your work" was miracle to survive,
 be able to walk again and eventually ride!  When I was ready to give up
 last year, he dropped my sweet TB mare, literally, in my
 no kidding she is "heaven sent."  She was the result of a prophetic word
 -- the only one which I ever received from someone.  
Shortly after, more miracles showed up, and now I pick up my armor
 every Saturday morning and go into the field to be a witness and ride for
 His could anyone who has ever ridden a horse cross country
 believe in evolution?!?!?!?!  I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge you
 for the commitment you have to making a difference
in the lives of others.....bless you for being obedient!  Best, Carla"

Sylvia, 57,
San Diego
, Ca

Discipline: Western
Years Saved: Lifetime


"I was baptized Catholic as a baby, lost my mind when I was a teenager
 and fell away but three years ago mom passed away and I went back to my
 Jesus for comfort and am staying on His path, along with my old horse...."

Christy, 21,
Katy, Texas

Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation
Trail Riding
Years Saved: since I was 5
Shows Attending: shows at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center


"I come from a strong Christian family that showed me God's love and
 power. I have worked with horses for 13 years and would like to get
 involved with ministering with horses."

Ginny, 45,
, MD
Discipline: Dressage, Therapeutic riding for people with disabilities
Years Saved: 20yrs

Deblyn, 47,
Wirtz, Virginia

Discipline: Western, Trail Riding
When Saved: 14  years


"I have been saved for 14 years ,,I attend Franklin  Heights Baptist
 Church. Before I was saved, I came from a divorced home and was a drug
 addict from age 13.I have been drug free for 18 years .Thank Jesus. I
 became saved  through my job as a waitress, a customer who would not give up
 on me .Praise God,,. I am a nurse now at a family practice in Roanoke, Va..
Married and have two farms where we raise beef cattle and have horses
 for pleasure and for working the farm."

Catherine, 42,
Las Vegas
, NV

Discipline: Trail Riding
Years Saved: 15 years


"I am an "empty-nester" now and miss riding with my teenage Christian
 daughters!  There are many people I know who ride, just not very many
 Christians.  I would like to build friendships with people who are
 'like-minded'.  Thank you."

Claudia, 58,
Beverly, Ohio

Discipline: Gaited Breeds, Trail Riding
Years Saved: Since 1977


"I became a Christian after a very difficult period in my life, and as a
 new single mom, I turned to Christ in desperation after all other
 avenues to peace failed. Nine years ago horses came into my life and since
 then I have had a brief therapeutic riding program. It is currently on
 hold as God leads us in other directions. I'm not sure where, but am
 following day by day. It would be great to have a Bible study in our area
 with other horse lovers and find a way to share Christ with riders who
 don't know Him."

Jackie, 43,
Terryville, Connecticut

Discipline: Western
Years Saved: 34yrs


"I feel the Lord is leading me to fellowship with others in the horse
 community. I would love to have bible study here on the farm. Or join a
 bible study in the area."


Iain, 22,
Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada
Years Saved: 4 years


"I came to know the Lord through my passions and loving aspirations of
 film, horses and unwanted teenagers. I almost died at age 16 and God
 grabbed my heart ever since I finally found Him at age 18. Now, as I age
 22, He has taken me on tireless journeys. Especially with horses!"

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